Rudy Huxtable : The Youngest Child Of Cliff And Clair Huxtable Essay

Rudy Huxtable : The Youngest Child Of Cliff And Clair Huxtable Essay

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Rudy Huxtable is the youngest child of Cliff and Clair Huxtable in the comedic, family-oriented series The Cosby Show. Rudy has four other siblings named Denise, Theo, and Vanessa who have different personalities. The mass audience of the show watched Rudy develop from a small child without a care in the world into a teenager who was in the middle of discovering who she was as a person. Rudy Huxtable is a perfect candidate in describing physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development because it is witnessed throughout the show. Some components of each areas of development would be puberty and motor skills, Piagetian stages of development and intelligence, and attachment and personality development.
During the duration of the series, Rudy grows from a small child to a child who is in their late childhood. You see many physical changes throughout the show, one of which is her motor skills. Motor skills involve some type of movement of the body. There are two categories of motor skills: gross motor skills and fine motor skills. In watching the show, you see the younger version of Rudy running around bothering her siblings. That is an example of gross motor skills. Running, skipping, and jumping require a large group of muscles to perform. The other category, fine motor skills, do not require a large group of muscles and involve small body movements. Such as when Rudy would play with her dolls and feed her fish. As she developed and became older, her fine motor skills developed into holding onto and writing with a pencil to complete her homework assignments. Her gross motor skills developed in being able to chase her siblings into playing football with great skill. Rudy’s motor skills develop as she grows up as well as goes thro...

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...rganized or disorganized. The person can either be sociable or retiring in the category of extraversion. A person may be softhearted or ruthless in agreeableness. And lastly, neuroticism is about emotional stability and whether or not you are calm or anxious. In applying the big five theory to Rudy, Rudy is very imaginative, disorganized, sociable, softhearted, and calm. Rudy was loved and appreciated because of her personality.
The three areas of development and their components are depicted in the Cosby Show by Rudy Huxtable. She represented physical development, including puberty and motor skills, cognitive development, involving intelligence and Piagetian stages of development, and socio-emotional development, containing personality and attachment. Out of all of the child stars from popular television shows in the past, Rudy Huxtable was one of the most loved.

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