The Root Cause Of Bullying Amongst School Children Essay

The Root Cause Of Bullying Amongst School Children Essay

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The authors, researchers for this particular article wanted to understand the root cause of bullying amongst school children. The researcher’s hypothesis that school bullying develops from social norms and peer pressure. In this study, researchers specifically wanted to know just how bullying is manifested among pupils, in addition, they wanted to understand how cultural norms and values in the community help construct bullying. The results and findings for this study were based on the use of self-report data of 85 pupils of various secondary schools in central Finland. Surprisingly, researchers find that once a student is bullied, he or she is labeled with avoidable characteristics. With that being said, bullying behaviors will create cultural norms that ultimately forces pupils within the community to follow.
Duffy, A. L., & Nesdale, D. (2009). Peer groups, social identity, and children 's bullying behavior. Social Development, 18(1), 122-139.
The authors, researchers at the University of Griffith obtained data from three schools that were located in middle-class suburbs of South-East Queensland, Australia to test their hypothesis that certain peer groups can be linked to young adults participating in childhood bullying. The results from this study revealed that typically children who are involved in bullying tend to belong to the same friendship groups. With that being said, bullying behaviors amongst the group will be considered as normal and not aberrant. However, this study does not suggest that bullying can’t be independent of any group.

Nesdale, D., Durkin, K., Maass, A., Kiesner, J., & Griffiths, J. A. (2008). Effects of group norms on children intentions to bully. Social Development, 17(4), 890-907.
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...’s hypothesis that group memberships, group norms, social identity, and emotions are all factors that can support or prevent bullying behaviors amongst children.

Gage, N. A., Prykanowski, D. A., & Larson, A. (2014). School climate and bullying victimization: A latent class growth model analysis. School Psychology Quarterly, 29(3), 256-271.
For this particular study, researchers attempted to examine how school climate and bullying victimization are linked together. Researchers hypothesise that depending the school climate can either influenced reduce bullying. For example, researchers were able to find that a climate with adult support was correlated with the reduction of school bullying for high-risk students. Sadly within this particular article, researchers were unable to examine how school climates and social ecological models correlate to bullying.

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