Essay on Romantic Relationship With A Co Worker

Essay on Romantic Relationship With A Co Worker

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A majority of employees in today’s workforce work more than forty hours per week which leaves them little time to date or to meet new people. Employees often spend more time with their coworkers than their own families The increase in the amount of hours worked per work has caused some employees to pursue romantic relationships in the workplace. In a recent survey conducted by Workplace Options, nearly 85% of 18-29 years old would have a romantic relationship with a co-worker. () The increase in hours worked per week and acceptance of workplace dating among younger employees have forced employers to adopt policies that ban or limit workplace dating.
Topic Overview
Romantic relationships in the workplace are often seen as inappropriate because of the tension the relationship creates among the staff. In a survey conducting by SHRM, “Respondents said they worry that office romances will lead to public displays of affection; inappropriate sharing of confidential company information between romantic partners; inappropriate gossiping among co-workers; less productivity from the couple and their colleagues; and damage to the organization’s image because the pairing may be seen as unprofessional” Romantic relationships also promote favoritism, unequal treatment of employees, and potential sexual harassment lawsuits. As younger people enter the workforce the age-old notion of dating in the workplace is becoming extinct. Thus, companies must decide what dating polices to adopt and how to enforce them.

Key article analysis
Enforcing dating polices has created issues and concerns for employers and HR mangers. Some employers have starting using love contracts to reduce potential lawsuits and to eliminate favoritism in the wor...

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...ees breaking up. This perception of workplace relationships damages office morale, decreases worker productivity, and opens up the company to a potential sexual harassment lawsuits. Companies must have policies in place that protect the company, the employees in the relationship, and the rest of the employees in the workplace.
Since the concept of workplace dating is changing, companies must adopt some form of dating polices. Companies can decide to ban dating at all, ask employees to sign a love contract, or allow dating outside of the chain of command. The policy must be clearly defined enforced, and employees must be trained on the policy. Companies can also designate an HR official who can answer employee questions about the policy and report any complaints of sexual harassment or favoritism. Having a dating policy eliminates confusion among employees

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