Essay The Role Of Social Groups At My High School

Essay The Role Of Social Groups At My High School

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Who Are You?
I find myself struggling as I try to think of how to describe the different interacting social groups at my high school; Swansboro High School. Swansboro High School while being known for and having pride in its high levels of athletic competition especially in the sports soccer, tennis, track, and girls’ basketball, was often consumed in drama on a daily basis. As in the other local high schools in Onslow County, the drama usually stemmed from individuals in one social group having a problem with an individual from another group or even in the same group. It never failed to blow my mind how easy my fellow students were to get mad over the littlest things and blow them out of proportion when deep down they knew or at least I hope they knew that it wouldn’t matter after they graduated. Swansboro High School’s groups were first split up by grade, then by popularity, sometimes gender, and finally by extracurricular activities or outside interests.
In order for one to understand the structure of the social aspect of Swansboro High School, I need to paint a picture. Flashback to the first day of my senior year, my last first day of high school, and the last year separating me from the real world. My 3 best friends and I parked in the parking lot next to each other for day 1 of 180 in 4 consecutive numbered spots 19,20,21, and 22. The lineup of our cars was Lola the white truck, Pablo the small shiny car, Fred the blue 98 station wagon, and Martha the Mercedes who was the grandma of our cars as she was the oldest. Lola belongs to Lacey the tall, awkward, pig loving ginger, Pablo belongs to Kelly the tennis playing, Megan Trainor loving, beach bum Mormon, Fred belongs to me, and Martha belongs to Sarah the short, curly h...

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... still people that I didn’t know who they were because I never saw them around or maybe I did but I was too occupied with what was happening in my specific group. This moment made me realize that the social groups really didn’t matter because in the end we were about to graduate, go on to live our own lives and do our own things, and quite frankly we wouldn’t see the majority of the 256 classmates of ours again. Despite my feelings, the graduation ceremony was amazing because for an hour or so everyone in our class forgot about our differences and even hatred of each other and came together to celebrate the accomplishment of graduating high school. The whole process of graduating from high school and moving on to college has led me to constantly ask myself “who are you?”, and I think it’s a question that a lot of college freshmen are and should be asking themselves.

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