The Role Of Self Plays On Rejection Sensitivity And Relationship Satisfaction

The Role Of Self Plays On Rejection Sensitivity And Relationship Satisfaction

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In this study, the topic being discussed is what role differentiation of self plays on rejection sensitivity and relationship satisfaction. Methods from the past work of Preacher and Hayes (bootstrapping method), the researchers in the present study used the bootstrapping method to test more than one mediator models. As well as previous research done by Downey and Feldman (1996) and Galliher and Bentley (2010). This research showed that there was a negative relationship between rejection sensitivity and relationship satisfaction.
It is believed that young adults aged eighteen to twenty-nine are in the process of solidifying their beliefs of deep affection, jobs and how they view the world. During these years the relationships they obtain, such as friendships or romantic relations, become increasingly important. Specifically, in romantic affairs, young adults often use how they, and others, act, behave and think to navigate through romantic encounters. Rejection sensitivity is a tendency to overreact to, expect or perceive rejection from others. Typically, this results from needs that were not met when a person was a child. Children whose needs for safety were not met, prepare for rejection and often act out as a result, to get attention from their guardians. This schema is carried with the child into adulthood, therefore affecting interaction with potential mates. These people tend to express less satisfaction in their intimate relationships than others. (Norona & Welsh, 2011) Why is that?
There is a correlation between the needs that are met when a person is in the early stages of development and personality and behavior as an adult. This does not mean, however, that all children whose needs are not met will therefore develop r...

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...fferentiation of self play a mediating role in relationship satisfaction and rejection sensitivity? The answer is yes, but only some of the subcategories were shown to play that role. Emotional cutoff showed no significant role in mediating a relationship between rejection sensitivity and relationship satisfaction (Norona & Welsh, 2011).
In conclusion, both of the hypotheses were correct, there is a negative correlation between rejection sensitivity and relationship satisfaction, however, differentiation of self does seem to play a part in mediating the relationship of rejection sensitivity and relationship satisfaction. Limitations of this study include; the researchers cannot know the route of cause among the variables, the variables were assessed by means of self-report whereas observational methods may be more accommodating to looking at emotional cutoff manners.

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