The Role of Models in the Acquisition of Knowledge Essay

The Role of Models in the Acquisition of Knowledge Essay

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Models have become essential for the development of human knowledge. They are the methods we follow, in order to simplify and understand more easily the realization of certain tasks involving the different fields of knowledge. When a method of thinking and way of achieving a certain goal becomes popular, the rest of the community adopts it. Hence, as soon as a method of thinking becomes predominant over another, it is said to have become a model. For example, we can consider mathematical formulas, scientific procedures, and even our way of living, areas in which a distinct model is followed. A model can be a theory or scheme used to consider a certain set of information within the same field, which is presumed to be the only logical method intended for the progress of this specific task. (For instance, a cooking recipe.) However, someone can find this model unsuitable. Therefore, they decide to break the scheme and proceed to develop a new method. Moreover, those people who create new paradigms (models), are considered rebels and extreme radicals. Subsequently, can someone define a boundary between; how much of the existing theories (paradigms) are valid; if they can be modified or if new ones can be brought about?

We humans, don’t only live the “day by day”, but live hopping to learn more, become better and find the easiest way of doing things, in order to go on with our lives, without complications. Human beings, by nature, are creatures who learn by mimicking others and their actions are influenced by past experiences. We are afraid of the unknown and have the need for certainty, therefore, knowing about things before hand provides us with security. During the years, human beings have enriched their minds with knowledge, and...

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... in which they play a vital role in our development. In a general perspective they function as tools that provide the necessary structure for our progress. They have contributed to our learning by accumulating past and present knowledge, allowing us to plan ahead. However, to which point, is allowing paradigms to rule our lives the correct way of living. In spite of this, the challenge we are faced with today is the elimination of some models and/or the creation of new ones, which continue to provide us with the necessary confidence and support so as to, ensure successes. But, at the same time, have the flexibility and intelligence to evolve with the changing times. Hitherto, having a model does facilitate the acquisition of knowledge. Nonetheless, paradigms also limit the expansion of it, due to the fact that, to some extent, they diminish people’s creativity.

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