The Role Of Direct Care Between Healthcare Providers And A Better Outcome Amongst Patients

The Role Of Direct Care Between Healthcare Providers And A Better Outcome Amongst Patients

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stationed staff in one area of a hospital ED to treat patients presenting to the ED" (Minott, 2008). This results of this experiment stated that "28 percent of patients diverted back home and avoided hospital readmission" (Minott, 2008). Another study showed that "greater registered nurse hours spent on direct patient care were associated with decreased risk of hospital related death" (Kane, Shamiliyan, Mueller, Duval and Wilt, 2007). This shows that there is a correlation between direct care between healthcare providers and a better outcome amongst patients.
The method that I had stated previously leads to better outcomes because it decreases the amount of hospital readmissions. This is because patients that come to the ED have a slight chance of having their issues resolved. By placing a person at the homes of the patient to provide consistent care for them, their conditions can be monitored and assessed based on their symptoms if they develop. If some symptoms develop that the healthcare provider can solve, than that is one case of a hospital readmission avoided. This could also potentially reduce the costs incurred by the healthcare system and the taxpayers as a whole. This cost would be mitigated by the fact that some of these problems could be solved very easily and that they are not worth going back to the hospital to solve it.
Implementation and Dissemination
There are also some negative repercussions that could occur from not implementing the use of a home health care provider. This could cause the rate of hospital readmissions to skyrocket to a point that is not actually representative of the patients that truly need to be readmitted. This could also make it that when patients are first released from the medical facility...

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...rate diagnoses and therefore inappropriate treatment. These issues could also be rooted in the fact that some of the patients are discharged from the facility prematurely and they are not given information applicable to properly caring for the ailment and therefore cannot provide accurate continuative care for themselves. All of these attributes help to facilitate an artificially high patient readmission statistic.
Nurse staffing also plays an integral role in hospital readmissions. Studies have shown that if a nursing staff is more trained and calibrated to do their job correctly that this would be more conducive to reducing hospital readmissions amongst patients. Effectively staffing these nurses in places where patients seem to have the highest amount of readmission has been shown to bring this amount down and reduce the number of improperly discharged patients.

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