The Role Of Church And Other Community Institutions Essay

The Role Of Church And Other Community Institutions Essay

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The role of church and other community institutions have a legitimate role to play in influencing public policy and the interaction of the church and the state has been in the limelight for centuries, however it undertakes new dimensions in the today multicultural and ethic societies. The Church of England is an essential part of the parliamentary process and church has a broad based political membership and some members for aligned with the Conservative party, some with Liberal party and some with Labour party.
The interaction of the church and the state has been famous topic for years and Parker, M et al (2002) argues that it assumes new dimensions in the multicultural and multi-ethnic societies and how church doctrine and religious belief continue to affect our ethical judgments, political decision making, laws and the implementation of policy. The church participation in the development of the law in different ways; inevitable and legitimate (Parker, M et al, 2002). When individual politicians vote according to a religiously informed conscience, seen as inevitable and when church and lobby members politicians influence changes to legislation (Parker M et al, 2002). Also, part of the political process that constituents lobby their representatives to the influence policy decisions, church’s task to promote its teaching and its values to be consider in the development of new legislation (Parker M et al, 2002). Even in pluralist society that values differentiation in opinion and which enabling individuals to argue for own beliefs and influence policy. For example, church can argue against abortion or civil partnership, as other association arguing the opposite view. The recent disagreement is the gay marriages as legal by the ...

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...role in society. Faith based groups as the filling the gap in the welfare such as charities such as Islamic Relief delivering service to the poor in the society which are often determine by the politics such as New Labour Poverty and Social Exclusion Unit. This reflects on the importance of religion role in the politics and welfare policies. Also, the faith based groups existed in the UK from since the welfare state covering different range of sectors such as education, health housing and social care. Although, conservatism focus on neo-liberalism approach such David Cameron views more of atheism as compare to classic conservatism which was based on Christianity socialism. On the other side, there are academics claim the multicultural society, but there are criticism that highlight the issue of Britain being faith-based rather than multicultural (Nesbitt D P, 2001).

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