The Role Of A Homeostatic Mechanism Employed By Most Warm Blooded Mammals

The Role Of A Homeostatic Mechanism Employed By Most Warm Blooded Mammals

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Thermoregulation is a homeostatic mechanism employed by most warm blooded mammals in order to maintain a consistent internal temperature for optimal cellular activity. As humans we use internal thermoregulation (an aspect of homeostatis) to maintain a normal temperature of thirty seven degrees celcius.In humans our body heat is produced in the deeper organs such as liver, brain and heart. A human 's thermoregulation system is able to make adaptions depending on the climate changes. These adaptions include both physiological mechanisms and behavioural mechanisms. Physiological mechanisms occur as a result of evolution and behavioural mechanisms occur as a result of conscious cultural adaptions. The skin also assists in homeostatis by reacting differently to both hot and cold conditions so that the inner body temperture remains more or less constant.

Hot, dry conditions do not seem to phase humans as much since our bodies are so well adapted physiologically. Some of the physiological characteristics we contain are encrine sweat glands, hair on the skin and arteriolar vasodilation. The encrine sweat glands are located under the skin and are responsible for secreting sweat. Where as, the hair on our skin prevents heat from being trapped by a layer of still air as a result of arrector pili muscles under the skin relaxing. This will only occur if the environmental temperature is above core body temperature as a response to losing heat and therefore cooling the body down. Also in these conditions the human body undergoes what is known as arteriolar vasodilation. Arteriolar vasodilation is when the cell walls of the arteries are relaxed compared to cold conditions when they are restricted. As a result of the cell walls relaxing the bloo...

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...lts as this stage of the course is the hottest. In student resource A it stated that the athlete would consume the most water intake over this period (5 litres). This is just 5 litres of water, however the athlete still needs to replenshies his or her body with salts like sodium and electrolytes through drinks like powerade and electrolyte powder frequently. Assuming that an athlete does get a moderate/severe heat stroke they need to stop ALL strenuous activity, get out of the sun and into shade as the sun will be dehydrating them more, also be drinking plenty of fluids to help cool the body down and start regulating thermo-regulatory responses within the body. In concusion if an athlete does not do these three thrings then they could end up with severe tissue damage, lying in a hospital bed in an induced coma or could even face the option of death if left untreated.

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