Robespierre: Puppet of the Revolution Essay

Robespierre: Puppet of the Revolution Essay

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Robespierre, Puppet of the Times
The time of the French Revolution was a turning point in the history of man. There had been plenty of revolutions before this one, and there have been plenty since. The coalition in time of many spectacular and world-changing developments met at the moment in history of the French Revolution. The Enlightenment brought ideas to the people which not only had never before been considered on a mass scale, but also make up the foundation of today's Constitution. The radical nature of the enlightenment combined with the raw power of the French Revolution changed many ways of the past into what they are now. Not only did it abolish the validity of many ideas of the old ages, such as aristocratic privileges, and monarchic rule, but this revolution was one of the first to try to create an ideological purity with the use of the Terror.
Considering all of the changes still active today that the French Revolution brought about, it is hard to even imagine that it might not have happened if it weren't for one man, Maximilien Robespierre. Through all of the setbacks that the French Revolution underwent, Robespierre was there at every step to guide the revolt through to its final stages. Only after the guillotine fell on his neck was the Revolution even considered to be over. Labeled “The Incorruptible” by his peers and contemporaries, Robespierre was the uncompromising leader of a Revolution that guided his every action, deluded his thoughts, and skewed his perception of right and wrong. Some say that Robespierre's actions that set the course of the Revolution, I say that the rebellion governed the man.
Robespierre is often portrayed by historians as having a very troubled childhood. Having lost his mother at ...

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...actment of the law of 22 Prairial. This act was the straw that broke the camel's back. The provisions of the law of 22 Prairial stated that a defendant did not have to be convicted by a jury for them to be put to death. It also stated that any member of society can be found guilty as an enemy to the revolution for anything and everything that may even hint at anti-revolutionary behavior. Robespierre's death followed a mere eighteen days after the enactment of this law. It was the last nail in the coffin that buried Maximilien Robespierre along with his expired and deluded policies.

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