Risk Assessment And Management Planning Essay

Risk Assessment And Management Planning Essay

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In the hospitalized adult patient, will the use of multifactorial fall risk assessments and management planning (Morse Fall Assessment) be more efficient in comparison to the current risk assessment (Heinrich model II) practice to prevent falls in the months of November- December in comparison to September- October.

-Falls are a major health issue for older adults. One third of the population aged 65 and older will fall each year, and of those five to ten percent of falls cause serious injury.
-Direct injuries result from falls and have potential long-term consequences. These consequences may result in disability, fear of falling, loss of independence, and or death.
-Patient safety is always the forefront of clinical practice, with this being said, the education and implementation of a revised guideline will decrease the prevalence of said falls. Fall prevention is preventable through multiple avenues.

Fall Risk Tools in Hospitalized Adults: Meta-analysis (Level 1)
Morse Fall Scale had Significantly Higher sensitivity in both random effect and fixed- effect model.
Instruments for assessing the risk of falls in acute hospitalized patients: A systematic Review and Meta- Analysis (Level 1)
Comparison of Morse Fall Scale, the STRATIFY tool and the Hendrich II tool reveal that STRATIFY tool is the best for assessing the risk of falls among hospitalized acutely ill patient, followed by the Morse falls and finally Hendrich II. Both Morse fall and STRATIFY produced the best values for sensitivity and had a specificity
Design- Related Bias in Hospital Fall Risk Screening Tool Predictive Accuracy Evaluations: Systematic Review and Meta- Analysis (Level 1)
Morse Fall Scale and Nursing staff clinical judgement provide a comparable levels...

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...here improvement.
4. Charge nurses or nurse manager will make daily rounds to ensure that all protocols are being followed according to the patient’s fall risk assessment results per new protocol.
5. Evaluate that tool is being utilized by
6. Ongoing education of nursing staff

Staff nurses on the floor unanimously voiced that fall prevention was an issue on the floor and that they felt that educational briefs on ibed settings and a refresher of fall reduction protocol would be beneficial.
-Nursing Director of ICU was supportive in the movement for an improvement to reduce falls on the floor that would render a solution of falls on units.
-The Nurse Director of Quality Assurance stated that multiple interventions need to include: assessment of patient for falls, the nurse’s perception in that assessment ,and lack of reinitiating fall risk protocols when transferred

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