Importance Of Managing Service Delivery In Health And Social Care

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Managing Service Delivery in Health and Social Care
Task 1: Importance of service delivery

Task 2: Importance of quality
2.1 Impact of quality on safety of patient
Nurses play an important role in the quality of safety because they gave treatment to patients and their negligence may affect on the health and even can die due to their negligence. Performance of quality management involves enhancing the outcomes and reducing the risks. The quality and safety improvement permeates the health care and services provided to an individual increase institution for current profession. The effective health care targeted processes that demonstrated desired outcomes. The system is important to adopt the process of various techniques and identify the prevented techniques for the influence of changing associated system. Some techniques are involved for assessment of performance and tools for the quality of improvement.
Health care provides multiple factors to determine the quality and ensure the safety to examine the change practices which increase challenges for patients. The patient actively engages the development of evidences based on critical knowledge and core health care system strength. To achieve the goal of health care to safe patient by providing quality services throughout their leadership role. Quality management provides a specific framework to considered the successful implementation for the risk management and improve the programs where participation need to share experiences. The governing body demonstrates that commitment process of all stakeholders for sufficient management resources for effective mitigation. Quality of system increase patients and will helpful for people and employees to achiev...

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... planning and evaluation performance
• Learning system is a process to manage strategies
• Testing different practices
• Incorporating practices and research performance
Continuously improvement in the quality of patient services health care centre achieves the goals and services for the managing people. Continuous improvement of quality is a structure of process for involving personnel planning and executive for a specific structure in order to improve the quality of health. Change need to improve the structure of organization and sustaining long term process of health care centre. Management focuses on target improvement and has larger impact on actions. Management has eliminated to cause problems that usually involve incremental innovation. Continuous improvement has philosophy that permits the different factors and involves to find the labor of material.
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