Essay on The Rise Of Female Opera Singers

Essay on The Rise Of Female Opera Singers

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As discussed in class multiple times throughout the quarter the term diva, is socially constructed. Women throughout history have been labeled and criticized over their actions that people presumed went against the correct social norms. What is striking is that in today 's modern society the diva is often associated with women who are in glamorous positions such as in music and the “demands” made by them not for who they are in reality, regardless of the connotation, there has always been a fascination with the diva on stage, and there is much more to her then what the eye can see. Since the rise of female opera singers to present day pop culture women, the diva has always been feared, copied and worshiped. The publicized women in the reading “The Diva’s Mouth”, is regarded as an artificial one, as someone who wants to give women everywhere a voice, and also as someone who uses the power of free will to push societies limits.
Divas are socially constructed, and as shown in “The Diva’s Mouth” reading they are also physically constructed. Who these divas are on stage is often not an accurate representation of who they are off the stage/camera. “The diva becomes here the artificial woman painted beyond recognition”(226). This implies that only after the costumes and outfits are put on her body, the high heels placed into her feet, and the makeup skillfully applied to her face does the women fully transform into a diva. I believe that people in today 's society place a need for a diva to be visually appealing, over the top, and completely fabricated, she cannot be plain because if she is plain, there isn 't any superficial physical interest in her. As described in the opening scene of Annie Lennox’s video “Why”, the diva is first se...

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...over her body and what she does with it. The female body has no need for male approval.
To conclude the modern day pop culture diva, is completely constructed, today 's society worships their looks and uphold the idea that women reaching diva status need to maintain and improve on their looks not just their talent. Women who are also hold the diva title yearn to do good for women everywhere, they use their powerful voices to give a voice to women everywhere, which in turn gives women confidence to express themselves and ideas. Furthermore, the diva, the women has the ability to break the boundaries of the female body and express herself along with her sexuality in any way she pleases, a male is never in control of the actions women choose to do and most importantly, the female body belongs to the female and only she has the power to use it anyway she desires to.

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