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"Only 5% of women in the United States naturally posses the body type portrayed in the media."( ) Everyday young women and teens are surrounded by media, whether it's magazines, television, radio, or newspapers. The media has a big impact on our every day lives and can take a negative toll. Teens and young women look up to the women that they see and hear about in media. They see different haircuts, outfits, and different body types that influence them, and the people in charge of media know this. The media portrays dangerous and unrealistic ideals of women's bodies that can be life threatening for them. This could ultimately lead to eating disorders, depression, and or unnecessary cosmetic surgery.
The look of women has changed overtime. Marilyn Monroe used to be praised for her curvy figure in the early 1950's. During the 50's women saw beauty in curves and confidence. Since Monroe was like a trending topic in the 50's woman looked to the way she carried her self and she became a role model to some people. Even during that time the thought of what healthy and beauty began the change. In 1944 Walter Annenberg claimed that being overweight is a medical condition in the very popular Seventeen Magazine. This magazine was very popular back then and still is today to teenage girls, when they see something like how being overweight is a medical condition and ways to lose weight quickly before summer a girl can become discouraged. Not to long later the famous model Twiggy changes the ideal look of women in the 1960's with her hair, height, and very slim body.
Designers wanted her to model her clothes and authors wanted her to be on the cover of their magazines. If this is what young women see everyday they could begin to believe th...

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...nce girls to start an eating disorder. Eating disorders can also occur for young women in college just because their simply stressed because of a new stage in life and hard work. Maybe girls that are overachievers simply don't eat because the work is more important, which can be viewed as a developmental problem. Self confidence is the cure to this. If young women just learned to be more confident then there wouldn't be a problem. Losing weight and feeling good is just a women's way of becoming more confident, they don't so it because of the women they see in magazine and TV.
Women are also steadily judges by other women, by clothes they wear, what size they wear, the size of their hips and the breasts. Young women in this world just bully each other and women feel lack of confidence because they are being teased. Women themselves are the ones to blame not media.

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