The Rio Grande River Essay

The Rio Grande River Essay

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The United States and Mexico share a 2000-miles border stretching from the Golf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. The border region is shared by ten states, wetlands, numerous mountain ranges, canyons, rivers and deserts. The U.S.-Mexico border is “Situated between a developed nation and a developing one, the U.S. -Mexico Border Region is a formally defined transnational region of land. The region extends approximately 2,000 miles along the full length of the international boundary, 62.5 miles (100 kilometers) north and south of the border and 62.5 miles into the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico.” The economic, political and social changes continue reshaping the relationship between the two nations and provide direct and indirect prosperity to communities along the border, and across the country. However, despite these opportunities the border region is confronted with many environmental issues including environmental degradation that affects air, water, and soil quality along the Rio Grande River. The environmental degradation results in destruction of ecosystems by human activities.
Due to the limited scope of this paper only some of the environmental issues along the Rio Grande River will be identified specifically, rapid population growth, growth of industries, air pollution, grand and surface water quality, ecosystems, deforestation, and the Rio Grande water quality.
The Rio Grande River, or Río Bravo as it is called in Mexico is the natural boundary between the U.S. and Mexico from El Paso, TX, to Brownsville, TX, however, the Rio Grand River no longer flows naturally as the extensive networks of diversions and dams control the natural flow of the river. “The Amistad International Dam, built jointly by the U.S. and Mexico...

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