The Right Shoes for Running Essay

The Right Shoes for Running Essay

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With the new fitness rage everyone in today’s society has, you might find yourself trying to get more exercise. One of the best ways to go out and get exercise is by running. You might be wondering what kind shoes I will need or do I need shoes? Well there are many types of running shoes, and they have all changed in performance and design over history. You may also want to try or learn about barefoot running.
Depending on what kind of running you are doing, you might need a different kind of shoe. There are two main kinds of shoes you can use to run with “running shoes” or “track shoes.” Running shoes or commonly known as “tennis shoes” or “sneakers.” This type of shoe has a thick layer of foam or cushioning along the bottom of the shoe (Mahoney). The most commonly known track shoes are “track spikes.” These shoes are very light weight, and have ¼ inch to ½ inch metal spikes that screw into the bottom of your shoe (“First”). Before you go out and get one of these shoes you need to know some more information.
Tennis shoes are the shoes you will want if you want to go out and run on the sidewalks of your town. The design of tennis shoes has recently changed and with new studies and technology will probably change again. The design of tennis shoes’ heel was first discovered when a man put rubber in his waffle iron, making in imprint in the rubber. On January 24, 1899, Humphrey O’Sullivan got the first patent for a rubber heel shoe (Bellis). This design became very popular in the early and mid-20th century.
Today the rubber has been replace with air cushioned and gel filled soles that are becoming superior over the rubber sole (Woodpecker).The outside of the shoe now comes in any color you can think of. The material of all th...

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