Reward Vs. Reward Systems Essay examples

Reward Vs. Reward Systems Essay examples

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Reward Systems
Reward systems are used in classroom around the world to help encourage students to reach their highest potential. Rewards are enforcers of behavior and come in many shapes, sizes, and some are not even visible at all. Teachers use these as incentives to engage their students and help control student behavior. However, one form of reward may not work for every student nor are they guaranteed to work all the time. This is why it is important to know the strengths and weaknesses of the different reward systems so that teachers can adequately utilize them in their classes.
Pros and cons of some reward systems are:
• Intrinsic/Social Rewards (praise)
* Can be used at any point in the day.
* Intrinsic rewards focus on positive reinforcement.
* Social rewards can improve student self-esteem.
* Giving praise can improves student productivity.
* Intrinsic rewards put focuses on student’s effort or work rather than on the reward itself.
* Social rewards help to build a positive relationship between teacher and students.
* To keep students positively progressing with this kind of reward, the teacher will need to continue giving the student positive feedback. If this is not done, then the student may revert or feel insecure.

• Extrinsic/Tangible Rewards (prize, candy, stickers, etc.)
* Extrinsic rewards give students an object to work towards receiving.
* Can be used at any point throughout the day.
* Tangible rewards cab encourage student involvement in classroom discussion or activities, because they could get a piece of candy or sticker.
* The use of prizes can encourage students to choose to behave in a certain way.
* Extrinsic rewards are temporary.
* With tangible rewards fo...

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...ting a classroom that is well managed. By giving out play money throughout the week, students are able to save up and earn their rewards. While there is little instant gratification, this is a fun way to demonstrate how a student’s hard work can add up and pay out. Moreover, this form of reward also adds to the development of student’s autonomy. This is because students are able to use the play money to purchase goods from the teacher’s store, much like they would have to buy items in a real store. Moreover, this puts the responsibility of student effort into their own hands in an up-beat way; while also encouraging them to put value into what they do in the class and in their work. Teachers should strive to create a positive learning environment that encourages students to want to learn. By using rewards teachers have a tool that can aide them in doing just that.

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