Essay The Revolutionary War : A Communist Utopia

Essay The Revolutionary War : A Communist Utopia

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Lenin was an extremely pragmatic leader, his willingness to make sacrifices to his ideology if it meant Russia eventually becoming his idea of a Communist utopia is evident, specifically during the period of Civil War. These sacrifices meant taking several steps backwards from his Communist utopia into capitalistic ideals. Lenin took inspiration from 'Marxism, ' but forged his own path to suit what he felt would be best for Russia in that time and in the specific circumstances Russia was facing, calling this Leninism. His first act as a pragmatic leader were these changes, and this level of pragmatism during the civil war was what would prove very costly for the people of Russia.
Lenin aimed for a communist utopia and was willing to compromise enormously to reach the end point. The motivations he had for such an end point aren 't so clear: he despised the Tsarist regime, seemingly so even more than other revolutionaries, as his brother had died at the hand of the Tsarist regime. He certainly wasn 't motivated by the people of Russia, as he was so willing to sacrifice however many people it took to reach the final stage of Communism. He didn 't want to gain anything for it personally and instead 'maintained the austere life of a revolutionary. ' Lenin was certainly inspired very much by Karl Marx and his original theory that outlined the path that would be taken to take a nation from Feudalism to Communism in Das Kapital. To this, Lenin made several changes that he felt were necessary. The original stages included Feudalism, a Bourgeois Revolution that would take them into Capitalism, followed by a socialist revolution, socialism and eventually the transition into Communism. Lenin felt it would be best to skip the 'Capitalism '...

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...functioning. Production of coal was only 30%, sugar 3% and steel 4%. Due to the food shortages that Russians faced, and which had been worsened by the seizure of grain seed from the peasant farmers by the Cheka in earlier years, the population in Petrograd dropped dramatically; in 1917, 2 and a half million to only 600, 000 in 1920.
Famine in 1921 and 1922 was the worst that it had been in over 100 years, causing 5 million deaths during the civil war period alone. Because the harvest in 1920 had only been 40% of what it was in 1914, the people became desperate, with some turning to cannibalism. Worldwide press of pictures of unburied corpses and starving children were reported. With these reports being the advertisement for communism, Lenin was forced to agree to international aid just to survive as Russia was in very near-collapse after 4 years of Bolshevik rule.

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