Essay about Review Of ' Life Into The Carnies '

Essay about Review Of ' Life Into The Carnies '

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Life into the Carnies
Through the many interviews with individuals of the society that we live in, will show how individuals see “Carnies” in our society. There is a very few positive stereotypes of these individuals in the society. Many of the carnies are considered to be grimy, deceitful, and delinquents. The way society sees these individuals is largely produced through the press, the television, and the movies. Some individuals use a levelheadedness comprehension on what a carnies is, and some use a widespread stereotypes. Many stereotypes are not commonly directed regarding the individual, but relatively at the carnies society.
Moreover, there are individuals in the society that says, if they fit in the job, then the job fits them. Many seem to make speculations, eluding, and uneasiness towards these carnies. How is it that something so “deviant” to the superior model in the society, be so amusing to the society as a whole. Nevertheless, the society still goes to these attractions every year that they are in town. These individuals are both captivated and rejected by this occupation.
Furthermore, the different age response is the older generation looks at them as an inhabitant in their society. Although, the newer aged generations find the carnies society unique. When trying to distinguish between the response of men and women, there was a slight difference. The women seem to think they are scum and no good. Where the men thought that most of them are con artist, but they were only doing their job.
However, when asking twenty different individuals on how they responded to carnies, it was about half and half on the responses. The reason for this is because mostly the same answers were said, the answers mostly consisted o...

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...1. What are the attitudes exploited by the superior part of society that may imitate the view of carnies?
2. How are elements that design and maintain the particular stereotypes?
3. To what degree do stereotypes change affiliation that are surrounded by carnies and strangers?
4. Are the sideline family familiar with the shame that takes part in their occupation?
5. What are the reactions to the accusations?
6. Can carnies create the conflicting definite self-identity?
7. Can generating a feeling of satisfaction and the importance of the individual regardless of the stereotypes designated for their occupation?
8. How does all the discrimination in the society of the carnies society affect the individuals?
9. Is there a time why any carnies wish for a new occupation?
10. Would all carnies consider this occupation a “real” career field or just temporary?
In conclusion,

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