Restauraunt Banning: Restaurants that Serve Alcohol Should Have The Option to not Allow Children's Entry

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Recently, some states have not allowed children as patrons. Some people support this however, others are tempted to believe that it cannot be prohibited unless alcohol is served. Providing various examples it will be shown how this decision will benefit the restaurant as well as showing how this could turn out awful for the guest. Through representation of how it could result in a rugged situation, raised profit, or declined guests it will be proven that restaurants that serve alcohol should have the option to not allow children's entry.
This choice would help to prevent children’s presence in a careless environment. Consuming considerable amounts of alcohol leads to unacceptable actions; such as fighting which encourages those actions to youth observers. The primary cut back for liquor serving through dinners is the greater risk of accidents as a result from intoxicated customers. Also adults will not acknowledge present children for example they would be using foul language in front of them. The child has access to alcohol along with watching poor decisions of drinking. Guiding th...

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