The Effects of Drinking Alcohol

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Drinking Alcohol
People started drinking alcohol socially for fun years ago, but after experiencing the effects of alcohol and with the amounts of stress people are facing nowadays; drinking alcohol became an addiction that in some cases is out of control. Alcohol is also considered a drug and it is addictive, and it has many bad effects. The main effect of drinking alcohol is causing disease; it has a lot of bad effects on an alcoholic’s human body organs and may cause death in some cases. There are other health related effects of alcohol that include: immediate effects and long term effects. As I mentioned addiction is one of the bad effects of alcohol, and it may cause people to lose family members, jobs and money if not treated. Drinking alcohol is also very dangerous for pregnant women, and has a lot of bad effects on women and their babies; some of these effects may be fatal. Withdrawal problems after quitting drinking alcohol are also bad and include symptoms like nausea, anxiety, and many more that will be discussed in the following paragraphs. The last effect of drinking alcohol that will be discussed in this essay is treatment; costs and effectiveness. Drinking alcohol affects the human body, mind and life in a very bad way, and just like drugs; alcoholics have to deal with the negative effects of drinking alcohol.
Effects of alcohol are many and are all bad. There is not one good effect of excessive alcohol drinking, except what an alcoholic considers a good feeling after getting drunk. The alcoholics drink for many reasons, but the results are all the same. Alcohol has very bad effects on all human body organs; it causes disease and some of those diseases are dangerous and even fatal, and the most common diseases re...

... middle of paper ... very costly and it damages a person’s financial future. DUI’s have high fees, court and legal fees, in some cases time spent in jail and possible job loss, higher insurance rates and many other bad effects.
Alcoholics, may not realize all the bad effects of drinking alcohol as it doesn’t taste bad as they drink it. Alcohol is addictive and once a person is addicted, it becomes very hard to withdraw. Withdrawal and treatment are hard and very expensive as well. People should be more aware of this issue. Governments should also pass more strict laws regarding taxes on alcohol and punishment for driving under the influence and even the minimum amount of alcohol allowed to be consumed. Media and schools should also raise awareness so alcoholics would know more about the bad effects that result from drinking alcohol affecting their bodies, minds and life negatively.

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