Respect And Leadership At The Military System Essay

Respect And Leadership At The Military System Essay

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Respect is probably the most important trait that needs to be shown towards your superiors. Every Armed forces branch in the United States of America has a chain of command in which respect is the main premise behind the entire organization. Respect backs the ideals and leadership within any chain of command. Respect is important in the design of the military system itself. You have to automatically trust and do what higher ranking cadet, or any cadre member says because they hold power and most likely have more experience then you. You must show them respect to because they have more knowledge and know how, not to mention they have earned the stop they are in. Respect also tires into the worrier’s ethos, which is an important aspect of what it means to be a member of the army.
As a ROTC cadet in the United States Army, It is my job to respect any cadre member and cadets appointed over me. Respect in the army and in the real world are slightly two different things. Outside ROTC world respect cannot be demanded nor expected, but as in ROTC world it is completely the opposite. Respect is an absolute necessity because that is what separates us from being non-professionals and professionals. We must respect all the cadets who are appointed over us because their particular position was earned through hard work and respect. Since the cadre members believe that the senior cadet has earned the right to have leadership, I must respect the appointed cadet’s decisions. So in return I must to live up to the responsibilities that come along with the rank and respect all cadets and cadre members.
Respect is so important in the military that it is even one of the seven army values. The core values are Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless service...

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...s and education that allows people to do just that. The education I receive from the Army and training as a cadet in the ROTC will help me be a confident leader, teach me problem solving, conflict resolution, and physical fitness. I will then carry these values into all aspects of my life.
Lastly to service my country, is the driving force behind why I wish to become a commanding office. By living the 7 core values and the warrior’s ethos I will be able

to fulfill my dreams and become a better person. Soldiers follow the 7core values and warriors ethos so that they can serve the country through their duties. America remains free and functioning under the protection of the army. This is not by accident. It is because every soldier, follows, and respects the warrior ethos, and this driving philosophy pervades everything that they do and in every way that they serve.

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