Ethics In The Book Everyday Ethics For The Criminal Justice Professional

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1128 words

Ethics has numerous meaning to it. It is not something that one can place a single definition on. Not only is it near impossible to have a definition for this word. It is also hard for any two people have the same specific definition for this word. Ethics ultimately means someone’s moral and logical thought process on what is morally right and wrong. Though, many people might feel that ethics can have a specific definition, ultimately this term is a word that is going to be defined on an individual bases. After reading the book Everyday Ethics for the Criminal Justice Professional by Kelly Cheeseman, Claudia San Miguel, Durant Frantzen, and Lisa Nored, my views on the word ethics has not changed. Personally the word will be something that can and will have numerous meaning. There is no right and wrong way to define the word, do to it being such a word that can stand for anything. Though my thoughts on the word have not changed, there are a few things about the word that can be elaborated on. Reading this text there are significant amount of things that I have learned about the word ethics. For starts is the thought process of police officers. A patrol officer has a great deal of discretion when it comes to fighting crime. Though the definition of ethics might mean one thing to an officer. It …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that ethics has numerous meanings and is not something that one can place a single definition on. ethics ultimately means someone's moral and logical thought process on what is morally wrong.
  • Opines that their views on the word ethics have not changed after reading the book everyday ethics for the criminal justice professional by kelly cheeseman and claudia san miguel.
  • Explains that police officers have discretion when it comes to fighting crime, and that some decisions made by them can cause controversy.
  • Explains that cops have a negative view on ethics, which can cause the media to display wrongful acts. ethics can mean so many things based on the individual and possibly the location they were raised.
  • Explains that law enforcement officers were significantly more respectful than those in the north. this goes back to the word ethics, and the influence nature has on it.
  • Explains that a parent raises their child based on the way they personally might have been raised. this influence can be negative or positive depending upon the end of the spectrum.
  • Opines that the army's ethical view on one another is to uphold a higher standard than those in society, due to the light we are under.
  • Explains that their mother is a registered nurse (rn) in the trauma department at university of pittsburgh medical center.
  • Opines that in the criminal justice system, everyone has some form of discretion, which allows them to have their ethical view implemented into their line of work. without this, law enforcement officers will be robots.
  • Asks if law enforcement officers go through any exam to determine whether they are morally and ethically qualified to become an officer.

As a fellow soldier the word ethic has a great deal of meaning to us. It is ethically and morally rights to respect a fellow service member. Though we all have our differences, we respect the rank that person posses. Soldiers are taught in training upon entering the Army the rank system and the way to address select personal. This is because the Army’s ethical view on one another is to up hold a higher standard then those in society, due to the light we are under. There are a few professions that I personally have witnessed that peoples view of ethics is morally

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