Research Study On Data And Conducting Interviews Essay

Research Study On Data And Conducting Interviews Essay

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Throughout the semester a variety of techniques were utilized to meet the course objectives. This course has taught me how to effectively gather necessary primary and secondary research and integrate them into essays. Taking this course has also helped me to expand my knowledge about reaching new conclusions using research as well as utilize APA format into academic essays.
During the course of this semester I have participated in conducting primary research. Primary research included collecting data on survey monkey as well as conducting an interview. Collecting surveys can be done in person as well as online. During this semester I gained practice using survey monkey to collect data on environmental research questions. This gave me experience with collecting my own data during research. Also, I conducted an interview to gather information about an organization pertaining to the environment, a topic I researched throughout this semester. This experience has taught me how much information can be gained when talking to someone that has first hand knowledge working with the environment. During research it is important to understand that collecting data and conducting interviews adds to your academic paper as well as your knowledge. However, during the construction of your academic paper there are specific times when collecting data is appropriate and other times where conducting an interview is important. Being able to collect primary research will be important in future classes that will require research. I am pursuing a career in the psychology field, and depending on my interests I could very well be conducting psychological research. With this in mind, having some knowledge about conducting primary research can and will be imp...

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...about research because it enables a person to think deeper about the topic at hand. In life there will be many contradictory information to sort through. It is important to have the ability to understand concepts given to you and have the ability to come up with your own thoughts. This course, through several projects, allowed me to gain the ability to practice this important skill.
Lastly, throughout this course, I have learned to understand and integrate APA formatting in academic essays. Through several readings, examples on Moodle and class discussions, as well as practicing on academic papers. I understand how to incorporate APA format. Also, I can decipher the differences between APA and MLA. This is a skill that I will be using in future classes and in my career because the psychology field, almost exclusively uses the APA formatting in all academic papers.

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