Animal Experimentation

For years now people have been using animal experimentation to create new ways to help save the human race. There are people who believe that it does help, and that it is necessary to continue, while others oppose and want to fight for the elimination of animal experimentation. Scientists fight for the cures needed to help man kind, but struggle to do so as people fight against their work in progress. But as Jennifer A. Hurley stated, “History has already shown that animal experimentation is not essential to medical progress.” Stuart W.G. Derbyshire believes “The best hopes to treat or cure any number of diseases all rely in the current animal experiments.” Both sides have evidence that can allow both to be proven correct. But there are negative arguments that can prove the other wise. The real question to ask is, Does animal experimentation really help advance medical research?

There are billions of other species on our planet. And every single one of those species is, in fact, different in their own way. It is absurd to believe that human diseases or aliments can be cured with the information garnered while experimenting on animals. We as humans are all unique and highly complicated. Information gathered from animal testing would not be accurate for a human in need of a cure. “The tests would not cooperate with the human body as it does with the animal tested upon. A good number of scientists both agree that methodology is invalid and counterproductive from the biomedical research today. There are only two ways to deal with human health problems. And that is, is to practice prevention and elimination of environmental toxins.” (Burgos) This fact stated shows that not everyone believes that animal testing is not appropriate in a...

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...rogress for medical research. They have failed to show any progress with cancer research, and had been proven that more than half, 51.5%, of their research has been harmful to the human body (Hurley). It is not possible to have it both ways at this time. We cannot advocate animal welfare and at the same time give an animal untested drugs or disease, or slice them open to test a new surgical procedure (Derbyshire). Not everyone believes in the same thing and has their difference in opinions, but the facts have proven that animal testing is most defiantly not needed for medical research. The question asked before, Does animal experimentation really help advance medical research?, can only be answered with what the facts have proven. They have proven that animal experimentation does not help advance medical research, and animal experimentation should come to an end.

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