Animal Testing In Medicine Essay

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Animal Testing in Medicine: The Truth Behind the Propaganda What if you were told that today’s new drugs are yesterday’s news? What emotion would it stir in you? Every year the production of dozens of promising new medications are delayed, sometimes indefinitely, seemingly without a second thought. Was a major flaw found? No. Surprisingly, the delay hinges on the copious amount of animal testing that must be successful in each round before the drug reaches the stage where human trials are acceptable. Should an animal’s reaction to a potentially lifesaving drug be a deciding factor on the drugs fate? How about the fate of a patient? For years researchers have relied on animal trials to test every type of product that is put on the market. They are subjected to cosmetics, food additives, and household and industrial products; all of which do not concern animals. While some in both the medical and scientific community believe animal testing is beneficial it is morally offensive, delays possible cures and is completely unnecessary. Animal testing is a cruel and inhumane way to torture animals for mankind’s own benefit. Anyone who grew up with a pet, wanted one or was around them would be appalled at the treatment of animals in the name of science and medical advancement. Imagine being captured and held against your will while strangers manipulated and hurt you repeatedly. This is the type of treatment animals must endure until they are no longer useful. Some primates, in particular, are captured from the wild and transported to laboratories around the world, increasing the potential for significant injury due to such a highly stressful process. (Knight 29). Substantial psychological stressors can also result in the animal becoming ... ... middle of paper ... ...e survival of an animal? How do we shift the focus back to what’s best, instead of what’s convenient and lucrative? Animal testing was thought to serve the purpose of preventing human casualties. However it couldn’t prevent some of the biggest medical disasters in history. It came close to keeping the world in the dark ages in relation to usable cures and vaccines. The ineffective clinical results should resonate within all scientific circles, loudly proclaiming the need for the elimination of animal experimentation. There is no justification in prolonging the cruel and inhumane treatment of animals when their data is of no use biologically. The alternative methods are out there and slowly gaining acceptance. Until we, the at risk public demand a change in policy, we will remain at the mercy of a biomedical community with a questionable agenda.
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