Research Study Involving Sixth Grade English Language Essay

Research Study Involving Sixth Grade English Language Essay

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Chen, X. (2009) and Evans, K. S. (2002) wrote separate articles on the topic of literature circle discussions. Chen, X. (2009) implemented a qualitative case study involving sixth-grade English language students who participated in literature discussion in the classroom setting (Chen, X. (2009). Evans, K. S. (2002) conducted a quantitative research study involving fifth-grade student’s perceptions of how they experience literature discussion groups within their classroom. (Evans, K. S. 2002). This paper will compare and contrast the articles by using exhibit 6.1 Guiding Questions about Scientific Principles in Education Research. This can be found in Lauer, P. A. (2006), an education research primer: How to understand, evaluate, and use it.
Chen, X. (2009) conducted a qualitative research study involving literature circle discussions. Chen, X. (2009) guided this study on two questions, “What social interactions associated with reading and text occurs at school to a middle level English language learner, and how can these interactions be described” (Chen, X. 2009). In addition, she focused on, “how does the participants perceive the Literature Circle discussions in her classroom reading experiences” (Chen, X. 2009). Evans, K. S. (2002) conducted a quantitative research study involving students perceptions of literature discussion groups. The purpose of her study was, “investigating students’ perceptions of their experiences when participating in peer-led literature discussion groups (Evans, K. S. 2002). Both Chen and Evans focused their studies on literature circles discussions within classrooms. Additionally, Chen and Evans are able to collect data with the use of observations.
Chen, X. (2009) theoretical framework consisted ...

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...ion group influenced other members of the group to view the way they did. Students felt that when these students were leaders the discussions were less effective and when the students switched roles the discussion become more effective.
In conclusion, both Chen and Evans studies showed similarities in which literature groups that are homogenous are more effective. The information found in both studies represented sufficient information to repeat the study. The study could be centered on homogenous groups and how to create a more effective discussion group. The data shows that literature discussions groups is an effective way for students to interact and learn from peer interaction. Chen, X. (2009) study was published in I-manager’s Journal on Educational Psychology Vol. 2 No. 3. Evans, K. S. (2002) study was published in Reading Research Quarterly Vol. 37. No. 1.

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