Essay on Research And Practice On School Science Based Programs

Essay on Research And Practice On School Science Based Programs

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Significance of the Study
The findings from this study may have implications for research and practice on out-of-school science-based programs. First, teachers’ perceptions may play a critical role in influencing instructional practices. These may include views on teachers’ self-concept, professional growth, and content knowledge enrichment. Therefore, if we are to improve the way science (i.e., physics) is taught, we must first understand teachers’ educational experiences and how these impact the ways in which teachers implement instructional strategies in their lessons. According to Tschannen-Moran, Hoy, and Hoy (1998), educational experiences have been consistently suggested to be related to teachers’ instructional practices in a variety of educational fields; however, although a positive relationship is generally accepted between the level of teacher self-efficacy and effective science teaching practices, other evidence suggests that this is not necessarily always the case. A clearer understanding of their perceptions and the connection to the impacts of their participation in out-of-school science-based programs is needed in order to effectively grasp the phenomenon from the teachers’ point of view.
Second, this investigation is unique in its methodology, as it is a qualitative, exploratory phenomenology that follows a social constructive approach designed to explore high school physics teachers’ perceptions regarding their participation in a particular science-based out-of-school program, CROP. Based on Moustakas (1994), this qualitative approach allows participants to describe their own lived experiences related to the phenomenon. In order to gather information about what the participants experienced and how they e...

... middle of paper ...

... 2013, p.193-194).

Overview of Dissertation Write-up
This study is written according to standard dissertation format and organized according to these following chapters: Introduction, Literature Review, Methods, Results, and Discussion. Given that the narrative structure of a qualitative study differs from a quantitative study, I drew this structure from Creswell’s (2013) and Moustakas’ (1994) model for organizing qualitative writing structures.
In addition to writing this dissertation in a qualitative format, I also want to emphasize that the study is guided by a phenomenology study design. Although phenomenology studies have been critiqued for their lack of a standard format (Merriam, 2009), Creswell (2013) provides suggestions of writing structures (2013, p. 225-228). Note that some authors refer to the term “literature review” as “conceptual framework”.

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