Research Analysis : Charities Or Not For Profit Organisations Essay

Research Analysis : Charities Or Not For Profit Organisations Essay

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Charities or not for profit organisations are often faced with many internal and external challenges which can be unique from profitable businesses as their key business focus is philanthropic based rather than revenue. For each identified challenge there must be a strategic analysis to enable strategies to be developed to mitigate the risks these pose to the business. Each of the three levels of strategy must be carefully assessed to determine the different consequences and both qualitative and quantitative analysis methods must inform strategy formulation to meet the identified challenges for the organisation.

The Wellington Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is a not for profit organisation and they state their mission is to promote humane treatment and to prevent cruelty to animals (Wellington SPCA, 2012). The SPCA employs around 50 staff to run the Waikanae and Newtown Shelters; where they care for over six thousand animals every year. Volunteers and staff rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abused, neglected and unloved animals and educate the public about responsible pet ownership. The Wellington SPCA is the second biggest SPCA in the country and they are dedicated to making a positive difference in the community. The first SPCA was formed in London, England in 1824 and two years earlier in 1822 parliament passed the first laws to protect animals. The first SPCA to open in New Zealand was the Canterbury shelter which opened in 1872 and the Wellington shelter opened eight years later in 1884. Today there are over 48 SPCA’s throughout New Zealand; all of which are linked to the Royal New Zealand SPCA. As the only voluntary law enforcement organisation in New Zealand, the Wellington SPCA responds to ...

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...cause this is such a targeted audience of volunteers there is often a need for fosterers which exceeds the volunteers available. Fostering is vital to the SPCA as it exposes that animal to human routines and interaction, is used to isolate sick animals to avoid outbreaks at the centre such as cat flu, mange and ringworm and enables bottle feeding of abandoned litters which require round the clock attention. A strategy could be executed to increase the number of fosterers through social media such as facebook by sharing a post with basic fostering information and emphasizing the positive aspects. This strategy would be unlikely to require a monetary investment but would require a knowledgeable resource to coordinate the new fosterers. There are numerous strategies which could be implemented to assist in the development of the SPCA and support the goals and mission.

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