The Republic of the Philippines: Poverty and Political Conditions Essay

The Republic of the Philippines: Poverty and Political Conditions Essay

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Political Conditions: The Republic of the Philippines is a Constitutional Republic and has three branches of government. The Executive, Judicial, and Legislative are laid out much like the United States’ (CIA WFB, 2012). The Philippine constitution was amended and re-ratified February of 1987 and has not changed since. (CIA WFB, 2012) The Philippine Government has strong ties with the United States and currently United States Army Pacific Command (PACOM) conducts joint operations with the National Army of the Philippines (NAP). The Government of the Philippines claims territorial rights over the Scarborough Reef which is also claimed by China and Taiwan, and over some of the Spratly Islands, which are also claimed by China, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Vietnam. (CIA WFB, 2012) The Government is also focusing efforts on the crackdown of drugs in the cities which are rising quickly, but the Police control outside of urban areas is limited.
Effect: With the Philippines strong ties to US, HUMINT Liaison and FORMICA operations would be strong and prevalent. Manila remains a tourist attraction and getting into, and out of the nation and AO would be widely unrestricted. CPP/NPA operates in the large cities and surveillance/Counter surveillance operations would be the norm. With the current political disputes, and government crackdown on drug trade, collectors PIRs would likely focus on interdiction of drugs, and weapons, based on the likelihood of it funding groups operating against the government. The need for Oversight as well as security when dealing with drug traffickers and financiers will play a major role in the limitations placed on collectors operating in the area.
Response: Experienced collectors capable of operating individually wi...

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...e local populace.

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