Representation Of Freedom, Justice, Equality, And Women Of The West And The United States

Representation Of Freedom, Justice, Equality, And Women Of The West And The United States

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Anissa Helie: While the West and the United states see themselves as the representation of freedom, justice, equality and all the adjectives used to describe an egalitarian society, the policies within their nation tells otherwise as can be seen, for example, from economic standpoint with men earning more than women. Western way of solving issues in other culturally different countries isn’t always the best way. Giving way to activisms within these countries is the ideal way.
Lila Abu Lughod: US versus Them or the in-group against out-group mentality is the typical response given by Western scholars to justify interference in affairs particular to the Middle East. Westerners “liberation/ saving” of the poor, oppressed, and veiled Muslim women from Muslim men is most often unnecessary and unwarranted. Lewis needs to look beyond this politicized point of view.
Edward Said: There is no such thing as one Orientalism. The beginning and ending of “Orientalism” is not definite too. To learn and understand the genuine “rage” of Muslims, Lewis must cease his feeling of intellectual authority.
Firstly, I would say that Islam itself was founded by aggression, domination, and violence. The rest of the popularly known religion’s spokesperson, the prophet Muhammed was also a ruler and a soldier. I think he added these descriptions to emphasize how barbaric this supposedly religion of peace is. God’s army and God’s enemy were mentioned further implying the ruthlessness and intolerance of Islam and in a sense, its followers. I would most likely think that if what he mentioned in his writings were really the reasons for the “rage” against the West, then they are unfounded, biased, and unfair to the latter. The hate is born out o...

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...or signals what kind of approach we will be reading. Whether it be pro-Islam or anti-Islam rhetoric. This may have been due to pure luck or purposely chosen but female writers focus on gender issues (feminine) and male writers on imperialism (masculine).

How should I understand the ruthless killing of a Japanese translator for simply doing his job of translating a literary work? Especially when it was a leader of a recognized Islamic nation that ordered it. Isn’t this irrational rage? I would like to understand the Middle East more beyond what media wants us to know.
My other question was why did Lewis want us readers to think that Muslim “rage” should be redirected to the former USSR? Further research about him kind of answered this question and that he was a vocally harsh critic of the former USSR. If there are other reasons, I’d like to hear them.

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