Theory Of Justice In John Rawls's Theory Of Justice

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John Rawls’ Theory of Justice attempts to establish a fair and reasonable social account of social justice. To do this, he discusses two fundamental principles of justice, which if implemented into society, would guarantee a just and fair way of life. Rawls is mostly concerned with the social good (what is good and just), and his aim with the Theory of Justice is to provide a way that society could be one that is fair and just, while taking into consideration, a person’s primary goods (rights and liberties, opportunities, income and wealth, and the social bases of self-respect). The usage of these principles will lead to an acceptable basis of self-respect. That saying, if the two principles are fair and just, then the final primary good,…show more content…
Two advantages of the difference principle will be discussed and analyzed; the first advantage is that it is morally right or fair. The difference principle represents justice and equality, even if a person receives lesser income than another person, the way they are treated in society and the compensation they receive is more than enough to regulate the inequalities that are present. Rawls defines justice as, “the first virtue of social institutions, as truth is of systems of thought” (3). The fact that it is just should be one of the first aspects that the people in the original position should consider when deliberating between the principles as it is uncompromising by being the first human…show more content…
Since this principle aims to benefit the people who are in the worst off position, this creates a sense of equality, wherein the person who has the least, gets the most compensation, and in turn, the person with the most, receives the least; thus it balances out the inequality of income and wealth. This constant shift in balance will provide society with a way of moving forward, as people are able to shift up and down in ranks, and allow the entire community to grow in some way. The economic standing will always fluctuate depending on conditions, but the distribution of principles will remain
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