Religious Beliefs And Spirituality Throughout The Lives Of Many Young Australians

Religious Beliefs And Spirituality Throughout The Lives Of Many Young Australians

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Religious beliefs and spirituality play a major role in the lives of many young Australians. Currently, Australia is home to over 23 million people. The 2011 census revealed that of these 23 million people, Christianity represents 61%, Buddhism 2.46%, Islam 2.21%, Hinduism 1.28%, and Judaism 0.45%, while 22.30% identify themselves as no religion, and the rest have other religious affiliation. With over 77% of the population identifying with a religious denomination, it’s clear that religion and spirituality are important aspects of the lives of a majority of Australians.

Regardless of the adopted faith, it is informative to acquire knowledge about how young people acquire faith. To achieve this goal a survey was conducted on a sample of young people, a youth leader was interviewed and information was researched in the literature with the following outcome.

Influence of family:

It was found in the survey that 88% chose their family as their prime influence on their adopted faith. Considering the unquestionable influence that family has on a child’s upbringing it is not surprising that the parents are the first teachers of religion and spirituality. Therefore, with criticality analyse it is clear that with the aid of these survey results and interview with Jonas the youth leader that my secondary research has support this analyse essay.

Influence of Social media:

Young people of this generation are experiencing the world that is vastly different from that of past generations. The rise of communication technology, introduction of social media, and the availability of vast amount of information has altered the social spaces conventionally occupied by young people, the way they form relationships and the com...

... middle of paper ...

...rporate this more.

The second peer review was written by anonymous. It was relatively useful, it pointed out a lot of positives such as covering multiple religious beliefs and the use of different perspectives to provide evidence to prove the findings.

The third peer review written by anonymous provided a sharp look at the positives of this investigation. However, he also provided me with areas I should change to develop this investigation to new heights.

Overall, the peer review responses that I received remarkable helpful, with a couple notes and ideas to improve the report. These peer reviews are extremely helpful as it gives me a different perspective on the outcome of the investigation. It also points out small errors that I might have overlooked. This allows me to learn from these mistakes and apply the good ideas and suggestion to future writing projects.

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