The Relationship Between The Jews And Muslims During The Time Of Muhammad

The Relationship Between The Jews And Muslims During The Time Of Muhammad

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A major point of debate between historians is over the relationship between the Jews and Muslims during the time of Muhammad in Medina. Some historians such as Fred Donner argues that Jews as well as other Monotheists were part of Muhammad’s early community of faith. Other historians such as Johnathan Berkley disagree with this argument and argues that Muhammad’s early followers and the Jews was two separate entities constantly in confrontation, and questions if one could practice Judaism while being a part of Muhammad’s believers. Fazlur Rahman is another historian that disagrees with Donner’s notion and argues that the early Muslims and Jews was two completely distinct groups. By analyzing each historian’s argument as well as primary sources like the Quran it’s clear that Donner’s conclusion is the most accurate; that while Muhammad’s group may have conflicted with Jewish tribes, Muhammad’s community of believers was inclusive of Jews as well as another monotheist.
Donner has good evidence proving that other monotheist such as the Jews were part of Muhammad’s early community of faith. One of Donner’s arguments supporting this theory is that since Muhammad’s message was so similar to the apostles of the two other main monotheistic religions, it’s plausible to believe that Jews and Christians could have been part of Muhammad’s movement. Donner uses a passage from the holy Quran to prove that Muhammad’s movement was inclusive of Jews, “There are many among the people of the book those who believe in God and what was sent down, to you and sent down to them” (Q:3;199). The Quran’s validating of other monotheist peoples suggest that they also have been believers and their righteousness made it so they could be a part of Muhammad’s ea...

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...ther Monotheist were a piece of Muhammad 's initial group of confidence. Different students of history, for example, Johnathan Berkley can 't help contradicting this contention and contends that Muhammad 's initial devotees and the Jews were two separate elements always in a showdown and inquiries on the off chance that one could rehearse Judaism while being a piece of Muhammad 's adherents. Fazlur Rahman is another antiquarian that couldn 't help contradicting Donner 's idea and contends that the early Muslims and Jews were two totally unmistakable gatherings. By breaking down every history specialist 's contentions and in addition essential sources like the Quran obviously Donner 's decision is the most exact; that while Muhammad 's gathering may have clashed with Jewish tribes, Muhammad 's people group of adherents was comprehensive of Jews and another monotheist.

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