Mesopotamian and Greek Societies

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Abounding similarities exist between the Mesopotamian and Greek societies. As history progresses many cultural advances occur, but societies also adopt some of the same characteristics as preceding societies, you will notice this between the Mesopotamian and Greek civilizations. After learning about the Greek civilizations I immediately began generating connections to Mesopotamian societies. I noticed similarities in all aspects of society, whether it was religion, military, architecture or any other cultural idiosyncrasies.

Both societies had started out in the same way, as city-states. A city-state is a city that with its surrounding territory forms an independent state. The creators of Mesopotamian society were the Sumerians; around 3000B.C.E. they had established a number of independent cities in southern Mesopotamia (Spielvogel 7). In 750 B.C.E. the Greek society began to bombard, and it all started with the polis, or city-state (Spielvogel 60).

In both societies, each city-state had their own political systems, economy, social and cultural digressions from city-state to city-state. Similar problems arose within both societies regarding city-states. In Mesopotamian society, the city-states lasted from 3000-2340B.C.E., during the Early Dynastic Age. As the number of Sumerian city-states grew and the states expanded, new conflicts arose as city-state fought city-state for control of land and water (Spielvogel 9). In the new world of the Greek city-states, war became an integral part of the Greek way of life (Spielvogel 61).

The Mesopotamian and Greek societies had the same type of government within city-states, they were both theocracies. A theocracy is a government centralized or ruled by divine power. ...

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...zations and the start of the Greek civilization, you can still find some important similarities between the two. They are similar in religion, upbringing, government, and military as well as others. From the start of the Greek society they have had parallel attributes from the cultural path that the Mesopotamian society set and we can even trace some similarities all the way to current society.

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