Essay about Relationship Between The French And Native Americans

Essay about Relationship Between The French And Native Americans

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The idea of giving gifts had been a regular procedure in the relationship between the French and the Native Americans and was following a Native American tradition. The idea was that the Chiefs would accept the gifts and give them to the people of their tribe; and from this, the chiefs would retain respect from their members, thus maintaining the alliance created by the French. [22] Amherst, however, considered this tradition unnecessary and considered it to be a source of dependency for the Native Americans. Many Native Americans viewed this alteration in policy as an insult and an indication that the British looked upon them as a conquered people rather than as allies. [23] Another policy change was one that governed how a suspected criminal went to trial. The British stated that any crime committed by a Native American on British territory would be brought to trial within the British territory. Likewise, any British colonist who committed a crime on Native American land would be returned to the British and tried there. This was a complete change in policy as the Native Americans had been working under a French system. Under the French system, any suspected criminal would be put to trial on their land, and if the crime committed was elsewhere, a currency exchange of sorts would occur to rectify the situation. The last of the policy changes that were implemented was the British taking control of the previously French controlled forts. Under the agreement of 1763, the British agreed to not occupy the French forts. However, the British converted the once French forts into trading centers, which allowed the British to continue to expand. The local tribes interpreted this strategic move as a permanent settlement rather tha...

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...then allowed Pontiac to influence his fellow Native Americans that the French would help in the fight. Another confounding variable that inspired the fight against the British was the change in policies. The changes made only increased the hostility between the two groups, which to no surprise would later be used as a rallying cry for Pontiac to his followers.
In summary, Pontiac was able to use his heritage and war experience to gain respect, power, and influence over the Native American tribes scattered across the Ohio Valley, Illinois Country, and Great Lakes region. He would then unify them with a common goal of fighting off the British. With this, Pontiac was able to capitalize further on previous events such as the French and Indian Wars and General Amherst 's policy changes to inspire his people to take action with him under the common goal that they shared.

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