Essay on Relationship Between Student And Teacher

Essay on Relationship Between Student And Teacher

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The American Psychological Association, a foundation that is made to support the American people with information on topics concerning their health and state of mind. In the recent years, getting your child a good education has become a topic every parent has to go through, and where he or she goes can end up making all the difference. The APA has given valuable information on how the relationship between a student and teacher is one factor that cannot be overlooked. With a close relationship the child will develop a sense of trust with their teacher, which allows them to open up and learn from them easier. Also, a good relationship opens up a students mind with a greater passion to learn, making the process of school more enjoyable for that student. This source has great recognition, and can be made credible by the up to date copyright offered, the amount of information given to the viewer about their sources, and other websites they run and recommend. This source will help support on of my main topic reasons, relationships between student and teacher matter.
Rimm-Kaufman, Sara and Lia Sandilos, “Improving Students’ Relationships with Teachers to Provide Essential Supports for Learning.” American Psychological Association, 03 Mar. 2015. Web. 28 July 2015.
Though Edutopia is just a blog, this author offers great information about the children of this day and age. She starts off by stating several facts about the percentages of students with phones and smart phones, the amount of texts people send per day, and about how social media plays a factor in the time of our day. This helps offer insight about how technology may interfere with a students focus throughout a school day. With this information it shows how much a stu...

... middle of paper ...

...een able to do. Some conclusions that could be made are the fact that students in impoverished areas have better chances of succeeding due to the time they are able to spend with a teacher, making them feel more important and involved in the community. Also found was new information about how bigger schools can be intimidating for some students who may not be used to that kind of environment, which is subject to higher levels of violence on the school campus. This information will be used to support every point made in my thesis, due to the fact they appear to be similar in some aspects. The source is very credible and can be backed up for its use of citations offered and due to the fact that it was published by a well-rounded organization.
McRobbie, Joan. "Are Small Schools Better?" Csr-pagemakerversion (2001): 1-4. West Ed.
West Ed, 23 Oct. 2001. Web. 28 July 2015.

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