Is Education a Right or Privilege?

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Education is essential for everyone. Education plays a critical role in the development of a generation of individuals that is virtuous and in turn contributes to the development of good people. Through education, a person is able to develop mentally, but also physically and socially. To the youths, education is important as it helps them to develop the principles of life, enables them to make the correct career decisions and also prepares them in the pursuit of the goals that they may have set for themselves in life. I strongly believe that a good, heck, or even a regular education is a right that cannot be taken away. Education is a right and not a privilege.
John Dewey once stated in “Thinking in Education” that the “method of instruction needs improvement, which exact, promote, and test thinking.” A student willing to learn will most likely think incongruously than others who are not willing to learn. Thinking in education is a main component that can expand the learning process. The ability to think is god given to everyone, and can be broaden by educating themselves. Hence, using what you are born with makes education a right. Education is part of learning various subjects in school like history, math, science in school, and be "book smart". Furthermore, having an education helps to unleash creative ideas that are unimaginable. Education is a right because it cannot be taken away like a privilege can.
I value the right to an education more than anything coming from a country that places education last in the list of thing necessary in life. In my country, Pakistan, the people worry about money, jobs, etc. They don’t realize without education a person’s future isn’t headed anywhere. The opportunities that ...

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...of formal education. Which is why some people believe education is a privilege, without it life would be ruined and would be tough to live through.
Education is the key that allows people to move up in the world, seek better jobs, and ultimately succeed fully in life. Education is very important, and no one should be deprived of it. The right to an education is one of the human natural rights which every person should have from youth to when they are old. Human natural rights are fundamental privileges acquire from the rational nature of man and the natural moral. Right to an education is an inalienable right for it cannot be renounced or transferred because it is necessary for the fulfillment of one’s primitive obligation.

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