The Relationship Between Math And Psychology Essay

The Relationship Between Math And Psychology Essay

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The Relationship Between Math and Psychology
The career that I am pursuing is psychology. Understanding the human mind is something I have always been interested in. Why we feel the way we do or why we react a certain way. These are things I’ve explored throughout my experiences in high school theater and creative writing, but I would like to do more than just create or portray stories with realistic characters, I also want to help people. Listening is a skill that comes naturally to me and many friends confide in me when they are going through difficult times. That is why I have decided that I want to go into psychology.
To become a clinical psychologist I must first get my Bachelor’s degree which will take around four years to complete, then my Master’s which will be another two or three years. At this point I can work in mental health care, or continue on to get my doctorate. To become accepted into a master’s program I will need to maintain my GPA and have a good GRE score. There are two doctorate degrees possible, but I will be looking to get my PsyD so that I can do clinical work. I will also need to intern for about a year and to become a licensed psychologist I have to take the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology administered by the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards.
Learning how to work with patients will be a crucial part in preparing me for my career. “I did [feel prepared] because my training was adequate. Working in the environment I started out in, I was not prepared for.” (Janae Harman) Once I have completed my training I will need to look for employment, but I will have to be careful about where I look. “The place I started working didn’t have good supervision, so when I ha...

... middle of paper ... facility, or begin your own private practice. However, many of the starting salaries are around the same. The three salaries I was able to find were calculated and the mean of these was forty-eight thousand five hundred and fifty-five dollars. The median was forty-eight thousand three hundred and eighty-six dollars. There was no mode and the midrange was forty-eight thousand six hundred and forty dollars. Out of these calculations I believe the mean represents the starting salary the best because out of all the measures of central tendency it is the median of those. Being a psychologist offers a lot of opportunity to move up in pay depending on experience and the quality of your work. While it is a long road to become a psychologist, I believe it’ll be worth it because it’ll provide me with financial stability and the best part is I’ll be able to help people.

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