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  • Swiss Government

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    Zurich. During the Napoleonic era that followed, Switzerland was occupied by the French, who imposed their institutions on the country. This all ended with the defeat of the French and the convening of the Congress of Vienna in 1815, which guaranteed Swiss neutrality for the foreseeable future.

  • The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann Wyss

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    The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann Wyss The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann Wyss is a story about a family who are shipwrecked on an uninhabited island. The ship was being tossed by angry waves. The whole crew and captain had deserted their ship only to perish to the sea. The only ones remaining on board was the Robinson family. When the storm was over, they discussed about how to get to shore. After much thinking, they built a sort of raft big enough for the family of six, taking with them

  • How the Super Rich Take Advantage of Swiss Banks

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    banking-secrecy laws, Swiss private banking is in good shape. Customers value Switzerland for its security, political stability and stable currency, and have continued to pour in new money over the past two years. Tax evasion isn't as important as sometimes supposed; much of the money coming in is from regions with low tax rates, like the Middle East and Asia. With the super-rich likely to see their wealth rise significantly in the coming years, the future is bright for Swiss banks. But, this also

  • To what extent was the Swiss banking system responsible for empowering the Nazi regime?

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    this investigation is to analyze the extent of the support of Swiss banks towards the Nazi regime. In the analysis, the role of Swiss banks during World War II as well as the legal action that those banks faced in recent years will be examined. An evaluation of the origin, purpose, value and limitation of two sources used for research will also be provided in this investigation: “How Swiss Bank Accounts Work”- by Lee Ann Orbinger, and “Swiss Banks Settlement: In Re Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation”

  • Swiss Air And The Dissolution Of The Qualifier Group

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    Aircraft of Swiss Air were grounded in Zurich back in 2001 due to the lack of cash flow. There was so little money left that there was not enough money to pay for fuel. This was even more surprising since this airline was in one of the richest countries in the world, Switzerland. Swissair managed to establish itself as a quality airline throughout its home country of Switzerland and in Europe. Swiss Air celebrated its 70th birthday in March that year with no indications of what would happen in

  • The Swiss Sanatorium

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    I. Summary “[The] Swiss Sanatorium Society is a fabrication, and its very foundations have compromised its goodness,” Linda De Roche argues in her article explaining the false ideas behind the sanatoriums that the character Nicole Diver, from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Tender Is the Night” and Zelda Sayre, Fitzgerald’s wife, experienced during their rehabilitation (De Roche 50). The article makes connections to the false concepts that the public received about the mentioned sanatoriums in Switzerland

  • swatch

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    aftermarket repair or sales of parts. At the end of the 50’s one out of three watches bought in the US were a Timex. In 1970 with the introduction of the Quartz technology changed the market place once again. The quartz watches had some advantages over the Swiss, they were based on electronics, it made it easier to add the date or the day to the watch. It also became significantly cheaper to manufacture, because the cost of the chips were being driven down by chip manufactures. Out of this wave and leading

  • The Art of the Postage Stamp

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    I rarely stop to closely examine these gems. A square inch canvass can often reward the viewer more than a mural will. With his unique Picasso meets Dali style, Hans Erni rekindled my interest in stamp collecting. Born in Lucerne, Erni shared my Swiss heritage as well as boasting a considerable amount of artistic prowess. More than 90 postage stamps from Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and the United Nations feature his designs (American Sport Art Museum). In addition to the traditional challenges

  • The Eye of the Hurricane

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    their routine persecution of minorities. In light of the Swiss tradition of federal structure and democracy, the two viewpoints were irreconcilable. As a result, Swiss radio became the only German-speaking platform to criticize the Nazi regime, although the criticisms were limited because of Switzerland’s reliance upon external trade with countries under Nazi-occupation. Between the free press and political satirists, the negative attitude the Swiss populace took toward the Nazi party solidified. In fact

  • Switzerland

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    French and the Italian. Two thirds of the Swiss population lives in the Plateau, between Lake Geneva and Lake Constance, in 30 percent of the country’s surface area. There are 450 people to every 1 km2 (1,166 per square mile). This makes the country one of the most densely populated regions of Europe and a promising prospect for marketing a product. The country that we know today took its final shape only in 1848. Before that time, we cannot really speak of "Swiss history," but rather the history of its