Essay about Reforming America 's Democratic System

Essay about Reforming America 's Democratic System

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In the U.S., especially among my fellow conservatives, talk about reforming America’s democratic system is quickly silenced. People don’t like change, especially when what they’ve got is working well. Reforming the Constitution is essential to our survival as a country. Without reforms, one finds little responsibility in government; but there have been reforms. Although, these reforms have taken us in the wrong direction. Democracy as we know it, is not the same as the Founders knew it and in the future, we will not even recognize it.
The effectiveness of our democracy lies in our protection of the separation of powers. Over time, power has slowly shifted to the executive branch. In 1933, presidential emergency powers were considered, “There were real calls…for Franklin Roosevelt to seize dictatorial powers in order to deal with the Great Depression.” (1) In this state, total power was offered to one man. Roosevelt declined the offer but still violated Constitutional laws. Clearly, our democratic system was too slow of a process and was ineffective in getting things done. But, in government, when something is done once, it becomes more acceptable. Power was given to Roosevelt and some powers stayed in the presidency even though they weren’t designed to. In other words, the separation of powers was abused making the clear division of powers foggy.
A democracy serves to ensure that every citizen has an equal say in how our government is to be handled. All our branches of government are effected directly by votes that have completely different weights. Regarding the Senate, the Seventeenth Amendment states, “The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, elected by the people…and each Senator shall...

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...sider our government a true democracy, because some citizens have more influence in elections, law making, and the unwritten rules of the game. Although, our citizens view our government as legitimate so it continues to function and succeed, despite the fact that similar democratic systems have failed, miserably. (4)
In our democracy, we have powers being shifted constantly. I feel that the ways we can prevent undesirable power shifts from occurring, is by ensuring power delegations to officials strictly originate from the citizens. This happens when officials are directly elected by the people and when there are more than two major parties. These new major parties can arise from new electoral systems, such as RCV and the mixed PR system. An essential fix for our country is to hold a modern constitutional convention to recreate a constitution for our modern society.

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