Persuasive Essay On The Second Amendment

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Recently in the city of Jesse James, Texas there was yet another mass shooting incident. Several parishioners at a local baptist church were attacked. At least a dozen individuals were killed and at least that many wounded. After the fact, the city council has decided to pass legislation making several, restrictive changes on firearms and their ownership. This action raises questions regarding the constitutionality of this action. The 2nd Amendment With everything on the news today most of us can probably cite the provisions of the second amendment. Officially accepted in 1791, the Bill of Rights provides American citizens with several protections. Specifically here, we are looking at the second amendment which states “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Are the restrictions enacted by the city of Jesse James in violation of this amendment? DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA et al. v. HELLER A certain Mr. Heller applied for a one year handgun license to keep in his home and was denied. The denial is surprising considering his employment as a …show more content…

No when it comes to limiting the number of weapons a person can own at their residence, the Constitution makes no provisions for the number of “arms” a person may keep. Given that the Second Amendment states “arms”, this to me says a given state cannot limit the number of a legal weapon which a person owns. Requiring background checks and extensive training for people who want to use weapons makes sense. When starting out, not everyone has prior knowledge of the safe operation of a handgun or any other weapon they want to keep around for protection. The government asking them to demonstrate this ability is reasonable and does not go against the Constitution as

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