Reflections Of A Nursing Student Essay

Reflections Of A Nursing Student Essay

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Reflections of a Nursing Student
The interdisciplinary course is a core requirement in the after-degree nursing program as it incorporates the principles of self-directed learning and promotes critical thinking, which is an essential element in nursing practice. As a final year nursing student, I believe that knowledge from this course will enhance my ability to provide patient-centered care.
My key learning from this course are numerous and includes a deeper understanding of the various interprofessional (IP) competencies. In the area of communication, I understand that the ability for any team to work together successfully depends on the free flow and exchange of information. Communication is the hallmark of a successful collaboration as it enhances the ability to share information necessary for achieving the team’s goals and objectives (Guadine & Lamb, 2015). Participating in the rapid rounds activity where each team member has to identify a patient concern and develop a care plan has helped me to increase my ability to provide and receive important information necessary for providing care. In my future practice, I will use this skill to improve patient outcome by identifying key assessment data and sharing this information with team members.
Furthermore, in the area of collaboration, I understand that the ability to work together to achieve a common goal defines a successful team. All team members offer their opinions and mutually resolve disagreements, regardless of professional status (Hewitt, Sims & Harris, 2015). This point was emphasized in the Mabel video series as we saw team members from various professions work together to ensure that Mabel receives the appropriate treatment. I will use this knowledge in my future ...

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...on, background, assessment and recommendation) will provide a framework for providing key information (Guadine & Lamb, 2015).
In conclusion, I believe this course will prepare me for my nursing practice because I now possess a deeper knowledge of core interprofessional competencies. By interacting with students from other disciplines, I am more comfortable approaching other professionals for additional resources when providing care for my patient. Furthermore, a recurring theme in this course was patient and family centered care. I will continue to be an advocate for my patient and ensure that they are part of the decision making process. Also, I understand that not all conflict is bad, as some may lead to innovative changes and better way of doing things. I will continue to work on my conflict resolution techniques by encouraging open communication in my team.

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