The Reflection Of The Single Mothers Are Dependent On The Welfare System, And Low Wage Employment

The Reflection Of The Single Mothers Are Dependent On The Welfare System, And Low Wage Employment

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Rawls Reflection
Today, many single mothers are dependent on the welfare system, and low wage employment as a source of earnings to help support their families. It is very hard for some of these mothers to survive and make ends meet within this critical element. Some of these mothers do not only depend on assistance from welfare to feed their families, and the income that they receive from the government is usually not enough to support their basic needs and their family’s needs. Some mothers also have sick children and Medicaid that they receive does not cover all their health expenses.
Role as Stockholder.
When it came to my role as the stockholder first thoughts about this person was; they were probably always stressed about the stock market. Shareholders depend on the stock market stress tremendously because they never know when the stocks could drop. The sad thing is if companies lose any money than me as a stockholder would also be losing money out of my pocket. Another reflection that I had was that the stockholder is probably always checking their phone. I thought this because I know that many people who follow the stock market have the stock market application on their phone, so they are constantly looking at their phone to check what the stock market is doing at every time of the day.
As a stockholder, I previously said that if the company loses money then I as a stockholder would lose money also and that is why I concluded that the firm should not allow the mother to have health insurance. My reasoning for this would be that the company would lose money if they gave part-time workers full-time health benefits. If the company were to offer part-time employees including the single mother health insurance, then they wou...

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...king from the stockholder 's perspective, I realized why he would not want to give part-time workers insurance. Stockholders are individuals who legally own a share of the stock in a public or private corporation. So, if companies lose money, then shareholders lose their money that they invested. It is very Important to stockholders to not lose any of their money. From the social worker 's viewpoint, they wanted to be helpful to the mother and wanted to see her strive more than continue to struggle. Social workers want to help individuals in their time of need and assist them to make their situations better.
In conclusion, it is amazing to see what some occupations value more. When it comes to working with stock stockholders are worried about their money. When it comes to social workers, they are more concerned about individuals lives and how to help make it better.

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