Recycling And Recycling Of Recycling Essay

Recycling And Recycling Of Recycling Essay

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Importance of recycling is a question ask by researchers, scientists, environmentalists and by the normal households. This has been a question discussed for some time but the key part is it making a difference in the world we live in. Some say, recycling is great way to preserve our future and some say recycling can actually produce more pollutants. The key elements to recycling by many environmentalists is to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Many others that conclude they believe recycling plants produce air pollutants and effect the air we breathe in. In research, the majority believe that recycling is a must and that it is a necessity to preserve our planet for generations to come. On the contrary there is a minority belief that some of the processes for recycling actually produce harmful wastes but there is always the possibility of needing to work harder on developing ways to not pollute while we recycle.
According to the website, they believe there is four key elements to recycling. The four elements are to clean up our environment, conservation of materials, save energy, and to reduce the amount of waste in our landfills. In this article the writer talks about the four key elements and the importance of recycling. According to the author, they have put some statistics together and believe that about forty million newspapers are made weekly and disposed of, which is leading to about half a million trees ending up in a landfills every week. Trees have a huge impact on our environmental progress and the maintaining of forests is widely regarded as a key aspect of preserving earth for generations to come. Kukreja, the author of the website, states facts such as recycling a single aluminum can ...

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...cess of converting waste materials into reusable objects. Recycling covers such a board spectrum from household items, to preventing the use of raw materials, to air and water pollution. Each ties into each other, but the key is help educate and learn about ways to help preserve our environment and not create so much waste. There are so many articles and publishing’s on the subject of recycling. The key to research is the validity of the information we take in. The environmental protection agency is a great way for us to educate ourselves on the positive effects of recycling. Websites such as ListVerse have interesting information about recycling but the validity of the facts does not seem accurate. In conclusion, information is abundant on recycling and the positive effects and how to strive to create a cleaner environment. Remember reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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