Reconstruction Era And The Civil Rights Movement Essay

Reconstruction Era And The Civil Rights Movement Essay

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For this paper the topics that will be discussed are going to cover the Reconstruction era and the Civil Rights movement. These two topics are important to understand the impact that they had on society and the country as a whole. A nation that is still struggling to understand its own identity, during these periods there was a clash of visions to create what America’s image is today. Even though these events occurred one hundred years apart, the message was clearly related on the idea of equality. These events single handedly fought for social tolerance amongst black and white Americans, without these events who knows how our country would have developed.
The Reconstruction era was viewed as a time period after the Civil War where America would rebuild the south economically, politically and socially. The Civil War being one of the bloodiest wars in American history was fought to abolish slavery. The contributions that were made during this time period would ultimately change how Black Americans would be incorporated into the vision of America. As once only viewed as an object to the “superior” white man, blacks would no longer be used as slaves. The Thirteenth Amendment would be the initial turning point for a change in the treatment of black Americans. This amendment would abolish slavery, but would not deter poor treatment of blacks in American society. Ironically enough blacks were not considered to even be American citizens until after the creation of the Civil Rights Act and the Fourteenth Amendment. Also a note worthy contribution during this time period was the Fifteenth Amendment allowing the right to all males of any race the right to vote. With those being some of the major points in Reconstruction change was beginnin...

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...e time. Reconstruction was necessary in order to save the country and to integrate black Americans into an evolving nation. The Civil Rights Movement on the other hand symbolized a vision that was created during the Reconstruction Era, but was not fulfilled until this point. As a nation that was a trailblazer in the form of democracy, we had failed the black community in equality. The only problem with both of these movements is the fact that they should have not needed to occur in the first place, in a theoretical world were racism does not exist. Along side with how long it took for change to occur in the country are the only real negative representations behind each of these movements. Thousands of black Americans died simply to have the same rights as white Americans. The future of this nation cannot advance without knowing the legacy of each of these movements.

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