`` Reality Hunger `` By David Shields Essay examples

`` Reality Hunger `` By David Shields Essay examples

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Little kids are the only ones who like fiction books and situations. That statement is mostly true for David Shields, the author of the book, “Reality Hunger." Shields wrote a book that has passages, also called provocations of different quotes and subjects that other writers have said, he includes some passages that he has written too, but he is stating what he thinks about the other authors statements and words and giving responses to them. He connects the state of literature at the moment, the plagiarism in books and stories, the increase of unnatural and fictional memoirs, and the overall weakness of the novel. He also mentions culture that isn 't literature including reality TV, and the variety of documentary film. The authors are not focusing on the reality for their books. David wants more books to have the truth in them and less made up stories. Shields is a professor in the English department at the University of Washington and has already vaguely given points on fiction and memoir successfully in his previous book, The Thing About Life is That One Day You 'll Be Dead. I think David sees himself as the person that focuses on themes that have yet to be discussed. He argues that the books he reads are too narrow-minded by plot, too traditional and old-fashioned of today’s culture. He is mostly unsatisfied with the entertainment by the well written literary novels and the need of reality in them.
The provocations in Reality Hunger focus on the minimum of reality used in different author 's words. "Reality Hunger," though, is not just a strategy for a new kind of genre, it is also a series of short provocations. David Shields has 618 provocations in his book, arranged under alphabetical, rather than numerical, chapters. Chap...

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...nd realized that David Shields just pointed out everything that most authors have not that think the same way as he does. Shields is mostly unsatisfied with the entertainment by the well written literary novels and the need of reality in them. I doubt whether his manifesto will have any great impact beyond the obscure world of literary culture, but it definitely seems to have struck a chord within the subject of reality. Several novelists, including Smith and Jonathan Lethem, have lined up alongside him on the cover, the conclusion admiring this "exciting, outrageous literary volume". This book is unique to others because it is a manifesto that tells what a writer is wanting in other authors and quotes other authors, but only mentions them in the appendix. Shields also focuses on plagiarism, art, and public life versus public life. But, I agreed with him on reality.

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