The Re-Engineering Project In Beverage Industry

The Re-Engineering Project In Beverage Industry

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The Re-Engineering Project in Beverage Industry
The burning issue
Today, beverage industry has very high competition in global market. Marketing and brand position may be the first thing which a company probably thinks that they are the most important but the fact is supply chain management (SCM) can strongly indicate the company successful as well. Effective SCM is the most favorable key in the market strategy because SCM drives every activity of a firm to the end customer. Without effective SCM, company will probably be eliminated, Bommer and O’Neil (2001, pp11-12). In the last decade, Enterprise resource planning (ERP) deserves as a key of supply chain achievement and it is the reason that many beverage manufacturers try to replace their old style supply chain management with a brand new ERP system to outperform their competitors. The report will mainly discuss about case study of Red bull China and several beverage manufacturers.

The overview
A commercial drink such as beer, soft drink, energy drink or juice is usually contained in a can or bottle, it can be a small or large packaging depends on the market approach. A beverage manufacturer normally does not sell its product directly to the end customer but prefer to distribute product through retailers. As a result, retailer satisfaction is considered to the most important of beverage industry. In recent years, beverage industry is been under pressure from retailer to reduce price and also from new born beverage firms (Bommer and O’Neil, 2001, p18). Nevertheless, because of the high competition, manufacturers are not able to reduce Marketing cost. Therefore, the answer seems to be efficiency of SCM to satisfy retailer and customer, manufacturer must improve its SCM process. Several concepts are involved in SCM improvement in recent decades such as “lean production” is for reducing waste in manufactory and “just-in-time” delivery is to satisfy their retailer. However, no matter what concept that company desires, it need to be conducted by “IT”, or it can rephrase as business process re-engineering or ERP. An ERP system mission itself is to integrate and analyze data from various sections such as finance, logistics, inventory, sales, et cetera in an organization (sometimes between organizations). According to Al-Mashari, there are various resources to prepare for implementing ERP system; infrastructure resources planning, local area network, servers, terminal PCs, trainings, human resource planning and education about ERP (2002, pp166-167). As a result, it can be seen that most tasks are about information technology and human resource approach.

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The idea
There are several aims in beverage industry that make manufacturers try to improve their supply chain system which are
• Reduce waste from overproduction
• Reduce transportation waste
• Reduce excess inventory
• Just-in-time delivery
The key to achieve those aims is “real-time information”. In distribution, real-time information is a very important factor for SCM because it involves many things such as sale forecasting and inventory organization, without real-time information, a manufacturer is not able to predict sale volumes or tracking and it may lead to inventory overages or unpleasant delivery time problem. Before ERP system was built, to have real-time information was almost impossible in distribution. A variety of software and application was a common problem of large size manufacturers because each department has its own application and process independence from others. If it is difficult to understand, it can be compared with a song. Imagine that different musical bands try to play the same song in the same time. At the point, it means when information are gathered, staffs has to collect data manually, sometimes it causes days or weeks to finish a task and sometimes it does not mean the information is reliable. After manufacturers realized their weaknesses, the idea of replacing its old supply chain systems with a new ERP system was started. Basically, company should find the weaknesses of its current systems then solve the problem by replacing the new customized ERP model. However, business process re-engineering is not easy like its concept; implementing re-engineering by using high and complicated information technology is quite challenge and risk for a company which has no experience in advance information technology. According to Chan and Land, “by some estimates, 70 percent of re-engineering projects fail for one reason or another” (1999, p311). Moreover, Implementing ERP system is a dedicated project because it unavoidably involves every position in organization; from low level employees to company CEOs. However, it seems to be difficult for beverage manufacturers to implement its own ERP system, therefore, most firms prefer to hire outsourcing to be their consulting and purchase an existing ERP system in the market. An example of ERP system is SAP. It is an ERP system which is originated in Germany. SAP is widely recognized in global business because of data interchange ability. Not only has a benefit from data interchange, SAP also has other advantages as well. It can integrate application itself with other core systems which are used by manufacturer and also it can transfer information between internal system and external applications, for example; supplier or retailer applications. Moreover, it can be implemented without engine or operation downtime. However, not only one choice that company can choose. There are other high performance ERP systems in the market such as Oracle, Microsoft dynamics series and some open source ERP softwares are also ready to be downloaded on the internet. As a result, choosing ERP solution for company is not easy either, some ERP system is not expensive but may be difficult to implement under company conditions. For that reason, it seems to be consulting firm that has to find the most suitable ERP solution for their customer, and this means using appropriate technology is sometimes such better than using the highest technology.

The pay off
One of the largest beverage manufacturer is “Red bull”. Only one product of the firm is advertised in the world market is Red bull energy drink. The company recognition is widespread around the world and also its manufactory. In this paper, there is a case study of Red bull China about its re-engineering implementation. The Hewlett Packard (2008) website provides information about Red Bull re-engineering project that the main reason which makes Red-bull China considered to implement its supply chain management is “real-time information”. Before the implementation, Red bull had experienced problems from data transfer between systems because there were three applications in its organization (application from third-party Logistics Company, the New-Grand ERP application for financial purpose and Java-based application for sales management). Because of this weakness, the company could not maximize over all operation in manufacturer which involve company itself, suppliers and retailers. The main idea of the project is to eliminate the problem of data interchange between departments. The company therefore wants to build its own customized ERP system in order to fulfill its SCM claims. After the implementation, HP presents Red bull benefits which are
• Effective communication between headquarter, branches and factories
• Increasing production and inventory management
• Mitigate financial risk by using real-time feedback and standardization of the review procedure
• Reducing dependency from logistics company by integrate ERP system with third-party logistics company system
Not only Red bull, the IBM (2008) website also provides some of its client in beverage industry which experienced the similar problems; Southern Wine & Spirits (SWS) is the nation’s largest wine, spirits, beer and non-alcoholic beverage distributor also found problems from its inventory overages and inefficient customer response. SWS solved the problems by built the 650,000 square-foot warehouse and use wireless technology environment to develop real-time information between various systems in the warehouse. As a result, SWS also earns benefits from re-engineering project which are
• Increasing of employee productivity
• Investment recovered faster 38 percent
• The precision of inventory management over 99 percent
• 20 percent warehouse space reduction compare with its previous multi-warehouse system

The interactive close
Because of high expectation of customer and new market competitors, many beverage manufacturers try to position their SCM to the top priority by implementing the business re-engineering. In general, ERP system is undoubtedly the most efficient SCM weapon in distribution business. Nevertheless, it is important that company must fully understand in the process of re-engineering before making project decision otherwise not only waste time and money, a project’s failure can ruin existing company systems and existing operations. However, ERP vendors now are improving their ERP solution to the next step which means; more flexible, more responsive, more customized and more efficient.


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