Raising The Juvenile Age Limit When Working With Potential Offenders Essay

Raising The Juvenile Age Limit When Working With Potential Offenders Essay

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The article is an interesting source as it looks at the precise correlation that is present and associated with raising the juvenile age limit when working with potential offenders. This is an important process to recognize as well as deal with as the reality is that the system in many ways offers unique benefits, that can be more adaptive than traditional prison system. The reality is that this correlation is something that must be understood, as the benefits of adaptability as well as preventative crime measures, have immense implications associated with the reduction of crime on many levels. This is an important process to understand that the literature attempts to deal with as well as understand.
The article talks about how states have begun to understand the precise benefits that this system has come to offer. Specifically in the last decade, there has been a substantial increase amongst the vast majority of states that have made an effort to identify ways that change can take place. Specifically it seems that thee states have made a consorted effort to deal with these processes by having the ability to leverage many of these benefits that are present. This is something that offers immense value, and is an effective tool that can be used.

The trend is manifested by many of the states raising the age to 18 within this system as a result of perceived benefits that can be applied. Specifically the penal system attempts to use these benefits as a medium to promote coping skills and reduce the probability of crime being manifested on a long term level. Strategies such as community outreach, the ability to use counseling sessions, and also create effective strategies, can all act as an important medium that can be used to prom...

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...r the year that this process was evaluated there was not an increased rate in crime.
The study clearly does suggest that there are positive benefits that can be applied. The longer exposure within the system does offer potential promise for the reduction of crime. This article is so interesting because the current prison systems are over leveraged, overcrowded, and that there are increased rates associated with re-incarceration. The long term implications of the process, is that there are intervention strategies that can be put in place. This success in the juvenile system could be a potential resource that can be applied in other preventative measures that can be used and leveraged. The study was one of the first to evaluate these effects, and further research should be conducted that will assist in understanding the positive benefits that can be put in place.

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