Essay on Racism : The World 's Biggest Issue Of Today

Essay on Racism : The World 's Biggest Issue Of Today

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Throughout the decades, there has been issues that our nation has faced dealing politics, equal rights, and many others. One of the major issues for decades that have tormented our nation is RACISM. Racism is one of the world’s biggest issues of today. Many people are not aware of how much racism still exists in our schools, workforces, and anywhere else social lives are occurring. Racism can have many effects on the people who are victims of it. This is a horrible type of behavior that result in divisions within our countries society, cause an individual’s physical and mental health to suffer, and cause resentment between many groups of people. In saying many groups of people, statistics show that racism is overbearing between races.
We must not underestimate the devastating effects of racism in our world today. Ethnic hostility is the biggest social problem facing our world, and it seems like there is no end in sight to this type of discrimination. Racism has had a significant effect on people of color or African Americans as most people know this specific type of race as. Racism creates divisions in society many different ways. For example, the educational system in the United States denies equal access and opportunity to people of color, especially those who are poor (Racism). This type of behavior causes an unfair disadvantage to colored people from an educational standpoint just because of their ethnicity. The more education you have the more successful you will be in life. If African Americans are at an educational disadvantage they are also going to be at an employment disadvantage. “People of color usually do not have as higher paying jobs as whites and are more often than not the last ones to get hired. As a result,...

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...young black man to become so brutally murdered and nothing is done about it, other than non-violent and violent protest? If racism doesn 't exist, why did an African American man in Texas get dragged down a road, tied from a rope on a truck, why did three young black hang from trees, and the media claimed it to be suicide? Why was another young black man murdered just because he was wearing a hoodie? This creates a feeling of resentment in the African American community which can have devastating effects on our country for years to come. African Americans have been stereotyped for a long period of time and the result is racism still exists and it and it is tearing our society apart in a very drastic way. Parents are terrified to let their kids out of the house just because of the thought their kids may not make it home due to some horrific act of discrimination.

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